CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Executive Summary


What we set out to do

State water planners and managers have reason to improve their understanding of drought and drought impacts on the Colorado water user community, given changing public perceptions, competing uses for water, and the impacts of the current drought. For these reasons the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) undertook this project. The project was developed to plan, develop and implement an assessment, the Drought & Water Supply Assessment, to engage Colorado water users to:

  • Determine how prepared Colorado has been for drought, and
  • Identify limitations, and related measures, to better prepare us for future droughts.

The CWCB will utilize this information to reinforce its statewide advocacy focus and role on water issues. Through technical, policy and financial support, the CWCB can aide local water users in planning for and mitigating the affects and impacts of drought. As facilitators of water issues at the state and regional level, the CWCB is also in position to help the water community answer the difficult water rights, water use and water supply questions that will drive future water management and planning in all business sectors and aspects of life.

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CWCB_logoColorado Water Conservation Board


“The opinion data collection focused on determining how prepared Colorado is for drought and identifying drought mitigation measures that may help the state and its citizenry and businesses to be better prepared for future droughts.”

CWCB DWSA Executive Summary



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