CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Chapter 15

Potential Structural and Non-Structural Drought Mitigation Projects
Tracy Bouvette, Nina Nichols and Sanjit Kundu


To provide useful assistance to the Colorado water community, it is necessary to know what drought mitigation projects the community has used and would prefer to use in the future, as well as the community’s need for implementation support. Participants in the Drought & Water Supply Assessment identified structural and non-structural projects that may be used for mitigation of drought impacts on their individual water supplies. A list of potential structural projects for managing periods of low water availability included dam safety upgrades, reservoir dredging, storage systems (new or upgraded), delivery systems and multi-basin projects. Some of the non-structural projects examined by participants for drought mitigation included improved conservation methods, technical support for water planning, and the use of cooperative agreements. Participants were also asked to evaluate the desirability of state involvement in the planning and implementation of structural and non-structural projects.

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“Water users across Colorado have indicated their broad-based support for structural and non-structural projects to mitigate drought impacts. More than half of agricultural water users strongly support development of new storage as do four out of ten water users.”

Excerpt, Chapter 15



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