CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Chapter 12

Current Status of Water Management Planning and Implementation
Tracy Bouvette, Nina Nichols and Sanjit Kundu


One of the central assessment themes evaluated by the Drought & Water Supply Assessment regards the preparedness of water users for drought in Colorado – in the past, present and future. The assessment instrument was designed to deliver information on each of the following subjects:

  • Water supply planning
  • Drought management planning components and mechanisms
  • Drought tools utilized
  • Water conservation planning
  • Water conservation tools used

The results of the data collection and analysis efforts are discussed in this chapter including a presentation of how many entities have formal drought and water conservation planning in place, by geography and segment, and what types of drought and conservation tools are most effective for each participant’s particular location and water use. Significant differences that exist regarding planning and standard practices between municipal and agricultural water users are highlighted.

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“Unfortunately, roughly half of Colorado’s municipalities appear to have no drought management plans. In addition, fewer agricultural entities have drought management plans, and those that do, do not appear to have adequate definition of response actions in place.”

Excerpt, Chapter 12



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