CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Chapter 11

Limitation to Current Water Supply
Nina Nichols, Sanjit Kundu, Heather Larson, Will Bailey and Tracy Bouvette


Water supply limitations affect nearly all the water users in the water-short west since the available water is called upon to support so many diverse uses in its journey from source to sea. The Drought & Water Supply Assessment allowed participants to identify water supply limitations that affect their individual operations and uses, including those that are both structural and non-structural such as:

  • Availability and presence of water and water rights
  • Suitability and usability of structures
  • Regulatory and policy impacts
  • Public expectations
  • Other competing factors

The results of the analyses indicate which types of limitations exist and their severity, and which limitations have the greatest impacts on current water supply.

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“There were, however, common water supply limitations mentioned by a majority of water users—specifically the availability of storage and the availability and reliability of in-basin water rights.”

Excerpt, Chapter 11



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