CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Chapter Nine

Development of the Drought & Water Supply Assessment Instrument
Nina Nichols, Sanjit Kundu and Tracy Bouvette


An assessment instrument was developed to support collection of water use and storage data and water user opinion. The instrument needed to be comprehensive, easy-to-use and ultimately capable of capturing critical water information from each region of the state while also providing a vehicle to the State for strategic guidance on a myriad of drought and water issues. A properly crafted questionnaire, or instrument, not only had to allow for essential end analysis (including statistical testing and segmentation), but also had to maximize potential participation by being user friendly.

Instrument development included a combined effort of question development and review by a technical team, followed by a pilot testing period. A group of 28 representative water users drawn from public and private entities and water districts that reviewed the instrument development formed the pilot test group for the assessment. An overview of the development of the assessment instrument is provided in this chapter.

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“The Drought & Water Supply Assessment is the first statewide project to determine how prepared Colorado has been for drought and identify measures that will better prepare us for the next period of water scarcity, both locally and regionally.”

Excerpt, Chapter Nine



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