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Chapter Four

Population Change in Colorado’s River Basins: A Brief History from 1950 to 2000 and Forecasts from 2000 to 2030
Jim Westkott


This chapter will summarize and present data on population change in Colorado from 1950 to 2000 and on expected change from 2000 to 2030 by river basin. The section will first describe the economic regions of the state and how they relate to river basins. It will next show how past economic and population changes of the economic regions have manifested themselves by river basin. Because of the aging of the baby-boomers of the State and of the Western U. S., new patterns of growth are expected to occur within the state. These too will be translated onto the respective river basins to provide a sense of future growth based on state geography.

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“In the next thirty years, by 2030, the population within the South Platte basin is expected to grow another 65%. The fastest growing part of the basin will be the North Front Range, which will double during this period.”

Excerpt, Chapter Four



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