CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Chapter Two

Perceptions of Drought and Drought Impacts, Colorado Case Studies
Sasha Charney, Tracy Bouvette and John Wiener


Recurrent droughts are a real and sometimes critical influence on life in Colorado. Although drought does not have the immediate impact of other extreme weather conditions such as flooding, it nonetheless influences businesses, personal security and freedom, and overall quality of life for everyone in the State. To capture and relate an understanding of the impact of drought on individuals and their perspectives, several people whose work and lives are influenced by water availability were interviewed for this report. The primary focus of the interviews was on how drought has impacted their businesses and their lives, and over what period of time they expect these impacts to persist.

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““Without a doubt this [drought] has been the hardest thing facing the valley rancher. He won’t come out without many years of hard work”

San Luis Valley Farmer and Rancher



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