CWCB Drought and Water Supply Assessment

Acronyms and Abbreviations
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af Acre-feet
Art. Article
CATI Computer-assisted-telephone-interview
CCWCD Central Colorado Water Conservancy District
cfs Cubic feet per second
Co. Company (from court names in chapter 5)
Colo.Const. Colorado Constitution
CRP Conservation Reserve Program
C.R.S. Colorado Revised Statutes
CSFS Colorado State Forest Service
CSU Colorado State University
CTO Colorado Tourism Office
CWCB Colorado Water Conservation Board
DoLA Department of Local Affairs
DNR Department of Natural Resources
DOW Division of Wildlife
DPA Department of Personnel and Administration
DPHE Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
DPOR Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation
DWR Division of Water Resources
EDO Executive Director’s Office
e.g. exempli gratia (Latin meaning “for example”)
ESA Endangered Species Act
ET evapo-transpiration
et al. et alia/alli (Latin meaning “and others”)
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Act
FEMP Federal Energy Management Program
ICG Interagency Coordinating Group
Inc. Incorporated (from court cases in chapter 5)
Irrig. Irrigation (from court cases in chapter 5)
ITF Impact Task Force
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area
NRCS National Resources Conservation Service
OEMC Office of Energy Management and Conservation
RRMI Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc.
R&RTF Review and Reporting Task Force
SEO Office of the State Engineer
U.S. or US United States
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USFS United States Forest Service
v. and vs. versus
WATF Water Availability Task Force
WCD Water Conservancy District/Water Conservation District
WQCD Water Quality Control Division



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CWCB_logoColorado Water Conservation Board


“Here is a land where life is written in Water"

Thomas Hornsby Ferril



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