CWCB Staff

Main Office
1313 Sherman St., Room 718
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-3441
Fax: 303-866-4474
Office Location Map
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Individuals may be reached at the four-digit extensions shown below. Please note: These are not direct dial extensions. Please dial 303-866-3441 first!

Title/Function Name/Email Extension
Director James Eklund
Interim Deputy Director Kirk Russell 3232
Finance Section
Section Chief Kirk Russell 3232
Project Manager/Marketing Anna Mauss 3224
Project Manager/Feasibility Jonathan Hernandez 3234
Project Manager/Feasibility Derek Johnson 3254
Contracts Peg Mason 3227
Finance & Contract Compliance Steve Biondo 3205
Program Assistant Jodie Tavares 3247
Administrative Assistant Elgin Turner 3256
Budget Analyst Tina Heltzel 3218
Accountant Steve Shull 3235
Board Coordinator & PIO Andrew Rickert 3249
Office Coordinator Doug Mahan 3244
Receptionist Vacant 3223
Interstate & Federal Section
Section Chief Carlee Brown 3220
Senior Water Resource Specialist Andy Moore 3229
Project Manager Suzanne Sellers 3233
Water Resources Engineer Brenna Mefford 3201 
Water Resources Specialist Steve Miller 3228
Water Resources Specialist Michelle Garrison 3213
GIS Coordinator Carolyn Fritz 3212
Program Associate Erik Skeie 3260
OIT Desktop Support Heinz Weichselbaumer 3239
Stream & Lake Protection Section
Section Chief Linda Bassi 3204
Deputy Section Chief Jeff Baessler 3202
Senior Water Resources Specialist Kaylea White 3240
Water Resources Engineer Don West 3216
Hydrologist Brandy Logan 3241
Water Resources Specialist Rob Viehl 3237
Hydrologist/Hydrographer Brian Epstein 3253
Water Supply Planning Section
Section Chief Rebecca Mitchell 3217
Program Manager Craig Godbout 3210
Program Manager Greg Johnson 3248
Program Manager Megan Holcomb 3222
Program Assistant Dori Vigil 3250
Administrative Assistant Viola Bralish 3206
Climate Change Risk Management Specialist Taryn Finnessey 3231
Water Conservation Technical Specialist Kevin Reidy 3252
Water Conservation Coordinator Ben Wade 3238
Outreach, Education & Public Engagement Coordinator Mara MacKillop 3242
Watershed & Flood Protection Section
Section Chief Kevin Houck 3219
Floodplain Mapping Coordinator Thuy Patton 3230
Community Assistance Program Coordinator Stephanie DiBetitto 3221
Stream Restoration Coordinator Chris Sturm 3236
Weather Modification & South Platte River Program Coordinator Joe Busto 3209
Colorado Hazard Mapping Program Coordinator Corey Elliott 3215