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The Interbasin Compact Committee and Basin Roundtables

The Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) was established by the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act to facilitate conversations among Colorado’s river basins and to address statewide water issues. A 27-member committee, the IBCC encourages dialogue on water, broadens the range of stakeholders actively participating in the state’s water decisions and creates a locally driven process where the decision-making power rests with those living in the state’s river basins.

The Roles of the IBCC
  1. Provide a forum to develop and disseminate information, create a positive environment for a statewide perspective and develop a vision for statewide water negotiations.
  2. Serve as a forum for discussing and addressing the socio-economic, recreation and environmental impacts of water development and management, as well as potential impacts on the ability of the state to use its entitlements and meet its Interstate Compact requirements.
  3. Assist in finding resources to enable roundtables to develop basin-wide visions.
  4. Encourage development of a common technical platform upon which negotiations can be based.
  5. Guide the process of negotiating interbasin compacts and other agreements by providing a framework that creates incentives for successful deliberations, agreements and their implementation.
  6. Perform all other roles and functions of the IBCC identified in legislation.
Basin Roundtables
Nine separate basin roundtables also were established by the Act for each of the state’s eight major river basins and the Denver metropolitan area. These basin roundtables facilitate discussions on water issues and encourage locally driven collaborative solutions. The broad-based, collaborative nature of this process is reflected in the roundtable membership – a set of designated members, 10 at-large members, non-voting members, agency liaisons and the CWCB Board member from each basin. Visit the CWCB Basin Roundtables page for more information.

The CWCB and the Interbasin Compact Committee
The CWCB supports the ongoing implementation of the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act. The CWCB staffs the basin roundtables and IBCC; provides water supply and demand information; conducts technical analyses; and provides Board member representation to each of the basin roundtables.

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